There’s no rule that says bathrooms have to be large in order to be comfortable. With the right type of bathroom renovation for small bathrooms, those spaces can be quite cozy and inviting. Here are some tips that will make it easier to select the right changes and be happy with the outcome.

Keep Everything to Scale

Many people consider scale when they are furnishing other rooms of the house, so why not employ the same strategy to the bathroom? While the homeowner may love the style of a particular over-sized vanity, it will not look anywhere near as nice if it’s jammed into a smaller bathroom. Along with looking out of place, the use of elements too large for the bathroom will make the space closed and less than inviting. Opting for elements that may not seem as spectacular at first but are the right size for the space will provide a better visual effect.

Increase the Natural Light

The home is a single story dwelling anyway, so why not look for ways to bring more natural light into the bathroom. At present, there is one tiny window along one wall. Consider the idea of going with a shorter window along the area where the ceiling meets the wall. This approach still maintains privacy while allowing more sunlight into the space.

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Another possibility is installing a skylight in the bathroom. Assuming none of the neighbors have homes with more than one story, there will be no privacy issues to consider. What the skylight will do is allow more natural light into the room during just about every hour of the day. At night, the ability to enjoy a shower or soak in the tub while watching the stars will be an added bonus.

Opt for the Right Color Combination

When there’s the need to come up with small bathroom design ideas on a budget, one of the easiest ways to transform the space is by changing the color scheme. Instead of ripping out the dark green tiles, have them refinished to a lighter color. If the owner would still like a spot or two of green, why not leave one row of tiles in the original shade? Another approach is to have a few random tiles covered before the refinishing is done. That provides a little green here and there for contrast.

New Hardware Helps

Choose new hardware for the space as a way to add another subtle change. The new fixtures can include new faucets, overhead or wall mounted lighting, and even new door pulls for the cabinetry. Addressing these types of issues will make more of an impact with the professional bathroom renovations perth than many people realize.

Before making any final plans, talk with one of the Perth bathroom renovators and get some additional ideas. With a little time and attention to detail, that small bathroom will be functional, attractive, and just what the owner wants.

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